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First Post: Keith Jarrett

Posted in Old Music by Brian Park on August 28, 2009


Seeing as this is my first post, I should start with something amazing: Keith Jarret’s The Windup from the album Belonging.

I’ve been listening to this song a ridiculous amount since rediscovering it, and I think it utterly embodies a conversational aspect to music. The gospel piano riff and the main saxophone melody (played by Jan Garbarek) are disgustingly catchy despite being in 12/8 (I think?), Jon Christensen’s drums chatter along without ever giving away too much of the beat, and Palle Danielsson’s bass playing keeps the song from spiraling into insanity. Hell, even the two totally out there, paranoia-inducing solos are vividly memorable.

In terms of production, I love the “ECM Sound”; I wish more albums were recorded with as much depth and space. I’m not suggesting dance floor bangers need the drums panned to the right, but I love how this recording lets you hear the players very distinctly while maintaining the sonic coherence of the song.

Fun fact: the Indonesian website I grabbed the photo from is hilarious to read in translation. See below, god I’m juvenile.

“Maybe a little bit pissed, if a few years ago came the news that Keith Jarrett celebrated his appearance in Japan for the hundredth time. How not chafe, that in Japan alone has performed a hundred times while Keith Jarrett never even menginjakan foot on stage the show in Indonesia.”


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  1. […] artists that I only really enjoy if I’m paying a lot of attention to them. That Keith Jarrett song I posted a few days ago is a good example of the latter. Occasionally though, I’ll find a recording […]

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