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Brazil is a Crazy Place, Why Los Hermanos?

Posted in New Music by Brian Park on September 5, 2009


All I hear about Brazil is incredible bums, incredible cocaine, and incredible poverty. Personally, I’d expect a lot of shitty metal, angsty punk rock, and cheesy dance music to come out of that environment, but Los Hermanos isn’t any of those things; surprisingly, they make some of the most interesting and atypical poppy kind of stuff I’ve heard in a long time. For all I know they could be singing about shooting narcs and breaking out of the slums, but I’m pretty sure if they were singing “ma ma ma ma ma ma ma my poker face” I’d still enjoy their melodies. I guess this isn’t really “new music”, but it’s as new as it’s going to get from these guys (they’re on extended hiatus), I know they’re new to a lot of people outside of Brazil, and I kind of went on a Los Hermanos spree last week.

Samba A Dios was the first song I heard in my old roommate’s place, and as soon as I heard the opening chords I knew that he was going to be a cool guy to live with. I find the melodies are longer than I’m used to in your standard North American radio-rawk, but still hold your attention.

Horizonte Distante (okay, I might have an idea what this one is about) is my favourite track off their final album, titled 4. The album as a whole is slow and mellow, but this song hits me hard.

Fun Fact: if you have nothing to do, you could watch this nonsensical video is accompanied by a terrible midi-symphonic cover of Horizonte Distante.


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