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Experiments from the West Coast

Posted in New Music by Brian Park on September 16, 2009


Vancouver BC isn’t exactly a place that you’d think of as pushing new music. It isn’t London or New York, but I’ve heard some great stuff from there recently. And, even stranger, both tracks I’m posting are pretty experimental in a way that I’m excited about. Is there something weird going on over there since I moved away? Everyone seems to be doing awesome experimental music with saxophones!

Secret Mommy – Grand About The Mouth

I heard this guy on the CBC late at night on my way home from Cortes Island, and I really liked it. The album is made entirely using unamplified instruments, which is cool because it is most definitely an electronic album. I’m not actually sure why I like it. The melodies are fairly insignificant, and there really isn’t much going on other than cute “experimental” production. Still though, give it a listen: maybe I’ll figure out why I like it, and maybe you’ll know better than me. Plus, it has one of the best song names I’ve heard in the recent past.

Colby Sparks – Beeskneesman

This guy is a sax player and breakcore producer. I’ll confess I hate breakcore, that shit is generally awful, but this song is amazing. It is disgustingly catchy, and the damn thing is in 7/4 time. You can read more about this song on David Lang’s excellent blog, where I first heard it. David also took the photo of Colby at the top, thanks for sending it over!


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