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Music for the Drive

Posted in New Music, Old Music by Brian Park on October 1, 2009


I’m definitely going against my own “music is not the sountrack of your life” manifesto here, but I’d forgotten how fun putting together little mix cds for driving is. Here are a few from the one I’m working on now.

Dancing Sphinx – Neptune Lady

I got this song on an album from the excellent My Jazz World. It caught my eye mostly because of the amazing cover art (see above). As with most things I like, I didn’t at first, but it is definitely perfect driving music: upbeat, a little virtuosic… I’m not one to actually sit down and listen to funk, but this stuff is fun.

Amon Düül II – Green Bubble Raincoated Man

This band was an early ’70s krautrock collective, and they’re very good in a very, very strange way. This is more dissonant than most of the stuff I post; the song is naively written, loosely played, and badly mixed… but somehow it all works. The writing and playing are somehow endearing, and the production really gives you a sense of just how experimental they were in their time. I don’t know why, but I’m digging this shit. I love the silly chanting stuff and all the bubbles.

Broadcast – Man is Not a Bird

This is a band recommended by my friend David, and I’ve been enjoying them a lot. Their melodies sound very much like what would have happened if Air was really into krautrock (I’ve been listening to Air’s new album, Love 2, as well these days. Not sure yet, but I think I like it). The production retains a lot of what I like about Amon Düül II’s production, though what that is I’m not sure. Maybe something about the rawness of the sound, despite all the synthiness happening. Yes synthiness, fuck you.

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