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Montreal Always Wins

Posted in New Music by Brian Park on October 6, 2009

Seriously, Montreal has everything. A beautiful city, cute girls, euro fashion without the jet lag, and great music scenes. In electro/triphop circles, Beast has been making the rounds. They’re a duo of Jean-Phi Goncalves doing production and Betty Bonifassi on vocals, and they know how to write songs. Their album was halfway a disappointment for me: too much rap and not enough singing, but you can hear some amazing potential on certain songs.

Beast – Finger Prints

This sounds like everything I like about pop music. It has dark, lengthy melodies, polished and somewhat distinctive production, cool instrumental hooks, etc… I know that the more “trip rock” tracks of theirs are getting most of the attention, but I hope they  move in this direction in the future.

I keep stumbling across music from good old “Lower Canada”, we have to step it up here in the west. Rifflandia, a badly organized local music festival, seemed to have more artists from Montreal this year than from Vancouver or Victoria, and they were certainly better.

{See post if the audio doesn’t show up in your RSS feed}


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