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Volume From the Brits

Posted in New Music, Random Things by Brian Park on October 21, 2009


First off, the picture has nothing to do with anything; I couldn’t find a Brian Eno or Guy Harvey shot I liked. It is by Vitas Luckus, one of my favourite photographers. His book is out of print I think but goes for dirt cheap used these days. Highly recommended. But, I digress; listen to some music.

Brian Eno – Passing Over

Brian Eno’s music is often pretentious. Still, I love his work when he writes pop. This song is pretty cheesy when it’s quiet, but really fucking good when you have headphones on late at night and it’s loud. The production on it is amazing, which isn’t surprising; what is surprising is what he’s chosen to do with that production. The whole album, Another Day On Earth, sounds like arse on my computer/iPod/car stereo, but through proper speakers, when everything is coming through, it’s amazing. The heartbeat sub bass with that amazing piano line over it (2:02-2:25) is perfect.

Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

Changing gears, this is what rock and roll should be. I’ve rediscovered this album a few times this year, and I never get tired of the guitar sound on this song. Great lyrics too. Their liner notes say that there is little to no compression on this album. That means that the album—called The Seldom Seen Kid— is going to suffer if you’re playing it through your shitty iPod speakers too. Still, the production on this is a little more accessible than Eno.

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