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Fusion Isn’t Just For Cooking

Posted in Old Music by Brian Park on October 28, 2009


{Pic has nothing to do with anything, it’s just awesome}

When I listen to a lot of fusion, I imagine artists somewhat stuck in their genre. They are full of brilliant, catchy lines, but lack the musical perspective to produce pieces that are coherent on a greater scale; their music ends up having pop rhythms and melodies and structure, but with the virtuosic playing and disdain for actual pop sensibilities of the “higher” forms of musical composition.

That isn’t to say I dislike fusion. Jun Fukamachi’s Evening Star album is a great example of what I love about fusion: great synth sounds, fun melodies, good playing that shows off just the right amount, and a great rhythm section. I used to have an mp3 rip of this album (it is out of print), but I’d lost it a few years back between computers. Of course, the first thing that came up when I searched it was My Jazz World’s rip of it. Seriously, I owe that guy a lot.

Jun Fukamachi – Sea Horses

This is what I imagine Air would do if they had been born 20 years earlier. They obviously love this synth sound, and they have the same penchant for stuffing a ton of catchy-yet-strange melodies into songs while eschewing more mainstream pop styles. Of course Air as a fusion band is a stretch, but listen to their new single, Do The Joy, and I think you’ll hear the similarities. Jun Fukamachi’s song is catchy as fuck, to the point that I’m surprised it hasn’t been sampled (as far as I know) for Kanye to put shitty lyrics over. I hope you enjoy it, and I do recommend you grab the whole album; it’s all great.

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