The Greatest Conversation


Posted in New Music, Random Things by Brian Park on November 18, 2009

{Photo is a beginning of the roll accident from Montreal last year}

The guy who runs Moonscape is a friend of a friend. He has great taste in music and apparently he’s “really into pirating,” so the site is a really good resource for full albums.

If you live in Victoria and are into drum and bass, my friends Greenlaw are having a CD release party on December 4th at Lucky Bar and you should go. Vid of their latest single/mix here. Tickets are $8 I think.

Just in case you haven’t heard about the new Yeasayer album, Odd Blood, its coming out February 2010. They’ve done some really cool 360° interactive videos and their new single is available for free HERE. Oh yeah there are boobs and peens in those videos, so don’t watch them with your grandmum. I’ve always thought Yeasayer might be a band that will survive the exploitation and subsequent abandonment of its genre; they write really good shit.

Defgrip‘s Harrison Boyce put up some great photos of Dave Emmens and David Lang on his blog a while back. Random.


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