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Guilty Pleasures 2

Posted in New Music by Brian Park on November 18, 2009

More electro-ish shite that I’m loving right now.


Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl’s A Computer

I’m pretty sure every Guilty Pleasures post I make will have a Hyperdub track. This one is somehow both totally unremarkable and fucking beautiful.


Memory Tapes – Plain Material

Dayve Hawk, the guy behind Memory Tapes (and tons of other projects), really loves that “in the back of your garage” vocal sound, and though I usually don’t, it’s great here. Catchy and fun.


Swede:art – Wonkycarz

From the excellent ABC Alphabeat beat tape, this song is definitely ploddingly enjoyable in an electronic teddybear’s picnic way. They downplay the whole thing as just a beat tape, but this free online release is solid quality.


Hudson Mohawke – FUSE

Hud Mo’s new album Butter is out, and has lots of fucking strange sounds on it. This track is downright pretty.


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