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Guilty Pleasures 2

Posted in New Music by Brian Park on November 18, 2009

More electro-ish shite that I’m loving right now.


Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl’s A Computer

I’m pretty sure every Guilty Pleasures post I make will have a Hyperdub track. This one is somehow both totally unremarkable and fucking beautiful.


Memory Tapes – Plain Material

Dayve Hawk, the guy behind Memory Tapes (and tons of other projects), really loves that “in the back of your garage” vocal sound, and though I usually don’t, it’s great here. Catchy and fun.


Swede:art – Wonkycarz

From the excellent ABC Alphabeat beat tape, this song is definitely ploddingly enjoyable in an electronic teddybear’s picnic way. They downplay the whole thing as just a beat tape, but this free online release is solid quality.


Hudson Mohawke – FUSE

Hud Mo’s new album Butter is out, and has lots of fucking strange sounds on it. This track is downright pretty.


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Guilty Pleasures

Posted in New Music by Brian Park on September 20, 2009


I think I’ve talked enough shit recently on modern pop music. Here’s some stuff that I don’t know why I enjoy, but I do.

Burial – Archangel

The first time I heard this song, I was really embarrassed by the cheesy boy-band sound of the lyrics, especially the “good at being alone” parts, and I really didn’t like the ultra-simplistic chords. Since then I’ve secretly started liking the song, and I know at least one person who will be surprised I’m posting this. I think sometimes its nice to just hear a nice simple melodic hook that works, and I actually really like the production on this. The effect that all the space and darkness around those cheesy sounding vocals has is great; all of a sudden the boy-band sound is lonely and strange.

Jogger – Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Nosaj Thing does a lot of fun stuff with the whole off-quantization thing that is happening these days, and he’s definitely got this niche of using very breathy sampled vocals. I think it’s cool, if generic. Still, this remix is fucking awesome. It hits hard, and while you can hear the elements from the original Jogger song, it’s nice to hear a remix that doesn’t just throw the vocals over a new beat with whatever artist’s trademark synths underneath. I even like the fact that Nosaj Thing didn’t bother to clean up all the artifacts in the bass line, it’s a nice contrast to the squeaky clean synths he’s running with heavy sidechain compression.

Flying Lotus – Disco Balls

This song, from the Hyperfub 5.1 EP, is way too much fun. I thought the rest of the EP kind of sucked, but this song has the characteristic FlyLo sound, and lots of catchy, gravelly bass lines. I’d complain about the fact that the top end doesn’t provide any melody, but I know that was a conscious decision on his part. Actually, this could be one of those songs that’s just begging for every kid out there with a cracked copy of Ableton Live to put gross hip hop over. Hell, that kid is dying to get his shit on the Hype Machine, so having Flying Lotus vs. Some Shitty Rapper of the Moment (Shitty Ableton Kid Mashup) is going to go a long way.

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