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Sausage Links 2

Posted in New Music, Random Things by Brian Park on November 1, 2009


Again, fun things from the internets:

I’m glad I’m not the only person who was bummed about Little Boots’ new sound. Maybe this signals the end of the honeymoon for me and synths.

Dutty Arts posted a great song by Washington Phillips, a 1920s gospel singer. I love the sound of whatever the instrumentation is, very cool. There is a great looking release called Take Me to the Water: Immersion Baptism in Vintage Music (1924 – 1940) and Photography (1890 – 1950) that features some of Phillips’ music. I want. Also, I tried my hand at cleaning up that Phillips track; download here if you like. Sorry about some of the artifacts, but I like it better than the original anyway.

The BBC has this annoying habit of taking down their content, but they’ve had two great programs on recently. The radio show The Great Bleep Forward, and the TV documentary Synth Britannia are both interesting looks at electronic music and very worth trying to find through legally ambiguous means on the internet. (via Wire to the Ear)

When Flying Lotus has a birthday jam, you know it’s going to be good; or, as he described it, “surrealism, structured to bug-out and back.” The jam is a really fucking cool mix of electronic and traditional instruments, and thank god they recorded it: listen here. This is what I want my jams to be like. (via David Lang)